About Soundgraffiti

Soundgraffiti is a web platform that enables various authors to present, document and map their soundgraffitis – sound installations in public space.

Basic characteristics of soundgraffitis are their discreet placement, interactivity and temporality due to a short battery life and quite easy reach to a passer-bys demolition.

Passer-by/citizen/tourist can scan QR codes in situ at sound modules via personal smartphone and that way be informed about the work, the author, year of production and for more details visit web platform. The access to web platform is possible in 2 ways:

  • by reading QR code in situ via personal smartphone
  • online by typing web address www.SoundGraffiti.org

About the sound module

Sound module is an autonomous sound device which enables sound interventions anywhere in public space. Sound module is equipped by a sensor that turns on when someone passes-by in a radius of 3 meters.

  • sound modules should be weather-resistant
  • module dimensions depend on authors design (cca 15x10x3 cm)
  • the price of materials and parts is about 15-20 EUR
  • the recorded sound should be in mp3 format
  • each sound reproduction lasts depending on authors wish/idea and built-in memory
  • the duration of sound reproductions depends on the capacity of the built-in battery

How to create and compose a sound module

The basic parts of the audio module are:

  • mp3 player
  • microcontroller
  • sensor
  • speaker
  • battery
  • box
    For all other information (electronic schemes, how to program microcontroller, etc), contact soundgraffiti.info@gmail.com

How to set up a sound module

NOTICE- It is very important that when installing the sound module the attached surface should not get damaged.
Sound modules should be gently attached to the surface with polyurethane foam.