Božidar Trkulja (1975), graduated from School of Textile, Leather and Design, studied theology at the KBF Zagreb, since 1997 has been working as a journalist, editor and film critic (Vjesnik, Forum, Lider, Zapis, HTV).

He is the author of the award-winning stop-motion puppet films In the Beginning of Time (2012) and The Last Quest (2017).

He is the author and screenwriter of the comic book Academy of Miracles

(2013) and author of the exhibitions: From Comics to Animated Film (2013), Puppet in Croatian Animated Film (2014), The Last Quest: Fantastic Exhibition of Puppets and Scenography (2017) in Zagreb, and Puppet Time – Exhibition of Fantastic Actors (2018) in Rijeka, Square and Phase (2018) in Varaždin, and the project-exhibition Time of the Heart (2019) in Zagreb, a collaboration with 50 Croatian artists and publishing of Reanimation Herald – a newspaper for arousing culture and contemporary art.

He participates in the work of the jury and the selection committee of film festivals, stop-motion animation workshops for children and adults, writes screenplays, short stories, poetry, makes puppets and scenography, and composes music for animated and experimental films while in good mood.